Story of Raja Janaka & a monk

A wandering monk as soon as visited the city of Mithila, ruled with the aid of the Sage King Janaka. “who’s the excellent trainer round here?” He asked round. To his surprise every religious person around cited him the call of King Janaka.

The monk turned into both confused and furious. “How can a King be spiritually that high. These people don’t recognize what real spirituality is.” he thought.

He went to the King and asked him “O King, learned human beings round here, talk extraordinarily of you, how are you going to a worldly guy of pleasures be greater religious than those who have given up their everything for the sake of understanding the best truth?”

“Dear one, you have got come from a miles place, you must have been tired, Let’s consume and relaxation for the day, we can talk in addition tomorrow.”

The King took him to the royal dinner table, fed him kind of foods, thrilled his palates. He took him to a spacious room and informed him to rest there.

There become a big sword hung from the ceiling, placing just above the bed. “What is this?” requested the monk.

“Oh don’t mind it, it has been there for ages, it is an old custom, simply have an awesome sleep. See you within the morning.” stated the King and rushed out hurriedly.

The monk become worried that the sword would possibly fall on him and kill him in the course of the night, he couldn’t close his eyes even though he tried.

The king met him tomorrow, “Sir, how turned into the night, I wish you slept well” asked the King.

“How could I sleep? there was a massive sword putting at my neck.” monk defined his troubles.

“When one knows dying is certain, how can the pleasures of world sway him away, how can the worldly duties ever restrict his eyes from the ideal goal?” said the King answering the Monk’s earlier question.

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