Nature and Innate स्वभावः प्रकृतिः


स्वभावं न जहात्येव साधुरापद्गतोऽपि सन् ।
कर्पूरः पावकस्पृष्टः सौरभं लभतेतराम् ॥

A good person never gives up his nature even when he is caught in calamity. Camphor caught with fire emits more fragrance.

न धर्मशास्त्रं पठतीति कारणं न चापि वेदाध्ययनं दुरात्मनः ।
स्वभाव एवात्र तथातिरिच्यते यथा प्रकृत्या मधुरं गवां पयः ॥

Reading of the dharma sastras, vedas etc does not help a rogue to change. He will stay true to his innate nature. Just like it is natural for cow’s milk to be sweet, it is natural for them to be wicked.

सर्वस्य हि परीक्ष्यन्ते स्वभावो नेतरे गुणाः ।
अतीत्य हि गुणान् सर्वान् स्वभावो मूर्धिन वर्तते ।।

Everybody has to be tested on his innate character than their acquired behavior. In case of an emergency it is the innate character that stands out in the open without any masks of acquired behavior.

माता मित्रं पिता चेति स्वभावात् त्रितयं हितम् ।
कार्यकारणतश्चान्ये भवन्ति हितबुद्धयः ॥

Mother,Father and friends , these three are by nature are helpful to one. But, others who help us are doing it for some selfish-motive.

विपदि धैर्यमथाभ्युदये क्षमा
सदसि वाक्पटुता युधि विक्रमः ।
यशसि चाभिरुचिर्व्यसनं श्रुतौ
प्रकृतिसिद्धमिदं हि महात्मनाम् ॥

Fortitude in the face of adversity, forbearance in the prosperity, eloquence in a congregation, valour on the battlefield, strong desire for honor, passion for the Scriptures – indeed these qualities are natural in the great souls.

काकः पद्मवने न रमते हंसो न कूपोदके
मूर्खः पंडितसंगमे न रमते, दासो न सिंहासने ।
*दुष्टः सज्ज्नसंगमं न सहते, नीचं जनं सेवते *
या यस्य प्रकृतिस्वभावनियता, केनापि न त्यज्ज्ते ।।

The crow is not delighted in a forest of lotuses. The swan does not play in well water. The fool is not happy in the company of the learned nor the servant on the throne. The wicked person does not tolerate the company of good persons and resorts to the mean persons company. Whatever is one’s character controlled by his nature, cannot be discarded by him.

स्वभावं नैव मुञ्चन्ति सन्तः संसर्गतोऽसताम् ।
न त्यजन्ति रुतं मञ्जु काकसंपर्कतः पिकः ॥

Good people do not give up their nature even though they happen to be in contact with bad people. A cuckoo does not abandon its sweet note even though she comes in contact with a crow.

शौर्यं स्वभावविजयेति हि मतं तत्कथं तदीय जयः
यद्वत्पुष्पात्सुफले जाते पुष्पच्छदा विशुष्य निपतन्ति ।
तद्वत्परमेशांशो यथा यथाऽन्तस्समुल्लसति
लय एव जयः स्यात् तथा तथा स्वस्वभावस्य ॥

The real victory is only when one is able to conquer his habits (innate tendencies). What kind of victory is that? It is like what happens to the flower that wilts in order to give way to the fruit. Self-destruction is its victory. Similarly, when the thought of God comes into our mind – it takes over our conscience and destroys any pride that we may have. This is the real victory.

स्वाभाविकं तु यन्मित्रं भाग्येनैवाभिजायते ।
तदकृत्रिमसौहार्दमापत्स्वपि न मुञ्चति ॥

Only a very lucky person is privileged to have a good friend, who is friendly by nature, because his affection and friendship is never artificial and he does not abandon his friends even during adversity and hard times.

स्वभावेन हि तुष्यन्ति देवाः सत्पुरुषा जनाः ।
ज्ञातयस्त्वन्नपानाभ्यां वाक्यदानेन पण्डिताः ॥

Devas and sadhus are by nature always contented and happy. Friends and relatives are happy with dinner, Wise men are happy when they exchange pleasant words.

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