Maha Laxmi Stotra

Sarvagne Sarva varade

Sarva dushta Bhayamkaree

Sarva dukha hare devi

Maha Lakshmi Namosthuthe.

Sarvagne-Who knows everything (female); Sarva varade- bestower of everything; Sarva dushta Bhayamkaree- fierce for all horrific people; Sarva dukha hare devi- annihilator of all sorrows; Maha Lakshmi Namosthuthe- salutations to Goddess Mahalakshmi (Goddess of wealth).

Salutations to Goddess Mahalakshmi (Goddess of wealth), who is aware of everything, bestower of everything, fierce for all terrible people, annihilator of all sorrows.

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